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A Light That Lasts

July 4, 2012

There are few places better to watch a fireworks display than on the beach. You can literally look back and forth for 180 degrees and you’ll see firework shows all up and down, far to right in front of you. Last night was spectacular on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

While watching the spectacle I saw something new.

People were setting fire to a small tray below a bag that seemed to be about three feet tall. When the fire caught, the bag would inflate just like a hot air balloon. The people would hold the apparatus until the bag fully filled with the hot air and then they would let it go. It would rise and sail out over the ocean and we would watch it until it was out of sight. All around it, loud cracks and pops of fireworks sounded as they exploded brightly but disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. All the while the balloon kept rising and traveling.

What’s the significance?

It’s not that difficult to do something and give off a bang, maybe make a spectacle of color for an instant. The real trick is to learn to do something significant that lasts.

What are you? A bottle rocket that appears and fizzles or a hot air balloon that lasts and gives light to all those around?

If you said the former, then you must be asking how you can become the latter. How can I be what I am called to be? How can I do what I was born to do? We’re not talking about a day or a week, we’re talking about a lifetime and specifically, YOUR lifetime.

Join Cathy Shap, Dave DeGolyer and Terry Price for the “It’s Not Just Creative Writing, It’s Creative Living, Come Play With Us” Writer’s Retreat in New Harmony, Indiana August 13-17, 2012. Get away to a utopian community where you will have time to write, listen to sessions on how to connect with who you are and where you should be, learn how to use a labyrinth for creativity and for life, experience yoga on a whole new level and be immersed into a new community of creatives. For more information, go to  If you would like to hear and see Dave, Cathy, and Terry talk about the retreat then go to and click for a fun video. For additional information you can email , , and

This is the only life you’ve been given. Don’t you deserve to live it fully, to live it the way it was meant to be lived? Let’s start now!

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