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March Madness

March 15, 2012

What if someone told you that you had one year to live?

I have found that with my clients, that helps to bring clarity to their priorities and goals.

One year.

What would you want to move up to the top of your list of things you must accomplish? Or would it cause you to actually make a list?

Today the NCAA men’s basketball tournament begins with sixty-four teams, all vying for one goal. One clarifying goal.

To win a national championship.

Each team understands that the maximum amount of time to reach that goal will be April 2nd. But each team also realizes that they are not guaranteed that time. In fact, their road could be cut short after only a few hours.

It is this win or go home, this focus on one singular goal, that brings such a sense of urgency, of excitement that makes this one of the great sporting events of our time.

Do you live with that sense of urgency, of excitement? Why not?

Typically, it’s because of two reasons: (a) an illusion that we have forever to do whatever we want to do and (b) we have not clarified our goals, our mission. Some would say this is “madness.”

So what will you do with your time, whatever time that ends up being?

It’s time to start. Start the good and necessary work to discover who it is you’re supposed to be and what you are called to do. For creatives, it’s time to begin understanding your core values and learning to create from inside out, from who you are. You can do this on your own but you can also find someone to help you and find a community who can encourage and support you in your quest.

The ball is in your court.

At the Magic Time Writer’s Retreat, you can expect to emerge knowing more about your writing project, about your characters, about the craft of it, about the scope. You can also expect to emerge knowing more about what you don’t know. That is the art of it, only half-knowing the world you’re creating. It’s the place of resonance, says craft writer Robert Boswell. “A crucial part of the writing endeavor is the practice of remaining in the dark,” he says.

Find out why. Discover your story. Discover the darkness on the edges of your story.

Join mentors Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price for a very special time Penuel Ridge Retreat Center, nestled in the woods near Ashland City, Tennessee.  Hurry! The early bird price of $325 closes TODAY! For more information and registration, click here. A FEW SLOTS LEFT FOR INITIAL registrants to receive one free half hour Skype coaching session with either Carolyn or Terry to prepare for the retreat!

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