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Unleashing Your Creative Spirit: Body, Mind and Spirit

March 11, 2012

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit: Body, Mind and Spirit
Where can I tap into inspiration and creativity when I need it? The answer is right here. It seems counterintuitive to writers, who use their minds to think and create and write. But our bodies are often the path to creativity.

Our bodies are bound to our routines. And quite frankly, for many of us, these routines aren’t nice to our bodies, which desire to be awake and alive, not packed into an airplane seat, chained to a desk or locked indoors in a dreary, windowless building, cut off from nature.

At the Magic Time Writer’s Retreat, writers will have the option of joining a morning yoga meditation that will help you start your day awake and alive, with an energized body, a supple mind and a calm spirit. Join mentors Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price for what promises to be a very special time a Penuel Ridge Retreat Center, nestled in the woods near Ashland City, Tennessee.

Hurry! The early bird price of $325 closes March 15. For more information and registration, click here. First eight registrants receive one free half hour Skype coaching session with either Carolyn or Terry to prepare for the retreat!

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