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The Courage to Write: Facing the Fear, Doing It Anyway

March 9, 2012

The Courage to Write: Facing the Fear, Doing It Anyway
Writing to the emotional truth is an act of courage unlike any other. It takes courage to face our own frailties as human beings – frailties that present themselves in our characters and our writing. It takes a steely fortitude to tap into the emotional pain that gives a story truth and power.

Come to the supportive place that nurtures courageous writers like yourself. Come, learn the practices that create safety when you explore the depths of sorrow and loss in your characters.  Come, learn how to be open and gracious as you meet your Muse, even when it’s frightening and fierce. That’s where the best stories are.

At the Magic Time Writer’s Retreat, you’ll learn the calming and centering techniques of meditation, labyrinth walking and mindful writing. Working with mentors Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price, you’ll leave equipped with a sense of the indelible worth of your story.

Hurry! The early bird price of $325 closes March 15. For more information and registration, click here. First eight registrants receive one free half hour Skype coaching session with either Carolyn or Terry to prepare for the retreat!

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