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Beyond the Frenzy: It’s Quiet Here

March 6, 2012

Beyond the Frenzy: It’s Quiet Here
Chime! A new email has arrived in your inbox. Ping! You just got a text. Obnoxious red dot! Now what? A friend request on Facebook. Do I even know this person? Do I want to? A million little bytes, and a million bytes more, and all of it can really bite into your writer mindspace.
How can you escape from the frenzied pace of the digital age to a place quiet enough to allow you to think, muse, explore and write?
The Magic Time Writer Retreat at Penuel Ridge offers that quiet space. But it’s more than just getting away for three days. The retreat nourishes you with ways to harness the calm, quiet mindspace that awakens your writer’s voice so that you can return to it again and again – beyond the retreat. Most of the time will be yours to write, but you will be able to take advantage of the mentoring of Terry Price and Carolyn Flynn to find ways to enrich and explore your writing.
Hurry! The early bird price of $325 closes March 15. For more information and registration, click here. First eight registrants receive one free half hour Skype coaching session with either Carolyn or Terry to prepare for the retreat!

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