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And here we go

February 2, 2012

Sometime, long ago, I knew I had been called to be a writer. I’ve always been a storyteller but putting stories down on paper renders them more real. And just the process of putting thoughts down onto paper makes my ideas “real.” Some things I write did not even exist until I committed them to the page.

And so, although I have had a career working for nearly a quarter of a century with good people, for good people, I knew I was called to be doing something different. The old adage of “life is too short” is repeated so often because it is true. We all acknowledge that. I heard someone the other day compare life to a roll of paper towels. The closer you get to the center, the faster it goes. The older we get the faster it goes. I’ve never experienced anything that has led me to believe in reincarnation. So I have the here and now and because of a recent confluence of events, I’ve decided to make a transition, here and now.

I am transitioning out of a career to follow my passions of writing, teaching, mentoring and coaching. This website will serve as my virtual home through which you can visit, learn, encourage and, yes, enlist my services. I look forward to being at the page most every single day in some shape, form or fashion whether working on my novel, writing and revising short stories, blogging, or working with clients and their work and lives.

I shall work daily to live life from the inside out and to help others live their lives and tell their stories from the inside out. I am studying and teaching about finding calling and direction and living deliberately rather than at the whims of the world. The more we become disconnected from our stories the more we become disconnected from who we are and what we are to be. We become more disconnected from each other. Stories help ground us, help remind us of the humanity that connects us all, help us see the divinity in each of us.

For when it’s all said and done, writing and art aren’t the ultimate goals.  Life is.  When they are done right, writing and art become the philosopher stones through which we are changed, through which we transcend this life, to experience divinity with our Creator, to see the divinity in each of us, in all of us, and ultimately, in ourselves.

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